RV 2017 will feature the following invited speakers.

Rodrigo Fonseca

Brown University, USA




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Rodrigo Fonseca is an assistant professor at Brown University’s Computer Science Department. He holds a PhD from UC Berkeley, and prior to Brown was a visiting researcher at Yahoo! Research.  He is broadly interested in networking, distributed systems, and operating systems, and is the recipient of an NSF CAREER award, and of a 2015 SOSP Best Paper Award. His research involves seeking better ways to build, operate, and diagnose distributed and networked systems.

Vladimir Levin and Jakob Lichtenberg

Microsoft, USA

Microsoft Driver Quality Team


Vlad Levin









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Vladimir Levin is a Principal Software Design Engineer in the Microsoft Windows and Devices Group, and the technical lead of the eXtensible Driver Verifier and Test in Production through Driver Verifier projects, and co-leading the Static Driver Verifier project. Vladimir received his PhD in Computer Science from Lomonosov Moscow State University. In Russia, he worked at the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Moscow, where he was engaged in the Russian Airspace space shuttle Buran project: he participated in designing a programming language for development of ground control & test software, and implemented the runtime support for it. Before joining Microsoft, he worked at the Bell Laboratories on technology transfer of the FormalCheck hardware verification tool, and was engaged in a software-hardware co-verification research.

Jakob Lichtenberg works at Microsoft in the Windows Device Platform group. Jakob is dev lead for the Windows Driver Kit and for the Driver Quality Tools team that among other tools, builds Static Driver Verifier and Runtime Driver Verifier to allow driver developers to build high quality device drivers for the Windows platform. Jakob graduated from Technical University of Denmark with a MSc, where his research was focused on model checking techniques for formal verification of hybrid and timed systems.  In continuation of this research Jakob co-founded a Danish IT startup configit.com< that invented the application of model checking techniques to allow seamless large-scale product customization.  Jakob was among the first to join the PhD program at the IT University of Copenhagen, but ultimately ended up with a job at Microsoft in Seattle rather than a doctorate.

Andreas Zeller

Saarland University, Germany




Title and abstract TBA

Andreas Zeller is a full professor for Software Engineering at Saarland University in Saarbrücken, Germany. His research concerns the analysis of complex software systems, their security properties, and their development process. His students are funded by companies like Google, Microsoft, or SAP. In 2010, Zeller was inducted as Fellow of the ACM for his contributions to automated debugging and mining software archives. In 2011, he received an ERC Advanced Grant, Europe’s highest and most prestigious individual research grant, for work on specification mining and test case generation. In 2013, he co-founded Testfabrik AG, a start-up for automatic testing of Web applications.