Announcing RV-CuBES: An International Workshop on Competitions, Usability, Benchmarks, Evaluation, and Standardisation for Runtime Verification Tools to be held in conjunction with RV 2017. This Workshop is running in place of the Runtime Verification Competition.


The 17th International Conference on Runtime Verification will take place in Seattle, US on 13-16 September 2017.

Runtime verification is concerned with the monitoring and analysis of the runtime behaviour of software and hardware systems. Runtime verification techniques are crucial for system correctness, reliability, and robustness; they provide an additional level of rigor and effectiveness compared to conventional testing, and are generally more practical than exhaustive formal verification. Runtime verification can be used prior to deployment, for testing, verification, and debugging purposes, and after deployment for ensuring reliability, safety, and security and for providing fault containment and recovery as well as online system repair. Topics of interest to the conference include:

  • specification languages
  • monitor construction techniques
  • program instrumentation
  • logging, recording, and replay
  • combination of static and dynamic analysis
  • specification mining and machine learning over runtime traces
  • metrics and statistical information gathering
  • program/system execution visualization
  • fault localization, containment, recovery and repair
  • integrated vehicle health management (IVHM)

Application areas of runtime verification include cyber-physical systems, safety/mission-critical systems, enterprise and systems software, autonomous and reactive control systems, health management and diagnosis systems, and system security and privacy.

Invited Speakers

We are very pleased to confirm the following invited speakers for RV 2017:


The RV series of events started in 2001, as an annual workshop. The RV’01 to RV’05 proceedings were published in ENTCS. Since 2006, the RV proceedings have been published in LNCS. Starting in 2010, RV is an international conference. Links to past RV events can be found at the following permanent link.

Information to Authors Who May be Affected by US Travel Restrictions

Authors who are affected by the recent travel restrictions to the USA will be accommodated by RV organizers via alternative means of presentation.

See also: ACM Statement on the US travel ban.